Car Wreck: 49 million dollar verdict

    What Kind Of Car Wreck Receives a 49 Million Dollar Verdict?  Click on the link and you will read the causation of a wreck that just plain makes you mad as hell at the idiot that caused the life changing and life threatening injuries that led to a jury's decision to award the victim, who will never truly enjoy the award because he is too physically destroyed, 49 million dollars.
The award was large and will undoubtedly be distorted by the Insurance Industry's propaganda machine into a group of 12 insane people from that fruitcake place, California, showing why juries can't be trusted by 'normal' people.  The corporate insurance mentality is bent on lying until the general public says 'uncle - enough already' we will be biased against the individual and adopt a communal mind judicial system and capitulate to free key chains and ballcaps being a just reward to we the people - we will turn away from the constitution and worship big business.  To date the bombardment of propaganda has not worked.  If you seek a jury of citizens to determine the proper amount of money damages to give you that will equal the misery you have endured - if you have a lawyer that knows what he is doing, you will probably come away with justice.  We will supply the 'lawyering' when you supply the case.

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